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Beaverton Beer Boom

Beat the summer heat with Central Station Taps

We're proud to say that Beaverton is becoming a hub for amazing beer and new flavors. For us here at Central Station Taps, we take pride in finding hidden gems from all across the Pacific Northwest to bring home to Beaverton!

Our hope is to encourage you to try new flavors that surprise your tastebuds and leave you wanting more. We enjoy curating our taps so that they stay fun, interesting, and appeal to a variety of preferences.

Today we want to highlight two options we've recently implemented at the tap house for choosing your next drink.

Take a Chance

Have you seen a 30-sided die on our tap house counter and wondered if someone was starting a D&D campaign? Well, not quiet, but now you can give that dice a roll and let chance choose your next beer!

Bartender's Choice

Not one to leave your beer up to chance? No problem! Tell one of our bartenders your preferences and they'll fix you up a flight.

See you soon and cheers!


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