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Meet the Team


It was Always Going to be a Family Business

It was New Year’s Eve 2018 and we were hanging out with our kids, drinking beer at a local dive bar in Seaside.


As usual, I was daydreaming out loud about a taproom as my son Billy lamented that Beaverton needed better beer establishments so he and his friends wouldn’t always have to go to Portland.


Next thing we knew, he and our daughter Maggie were writing a business plan with market research and the whole bit. I guess those economics and business degrees paid off – yay OSU!

Tapping into Beaverton Beer

We looked at a few locations, but we live in Central Beaverton and a taproom near restaurants, transit, and the new performing arts center seemed like a no brainer (that, and we can walk to work).


Actually, we all kept our day jobs. I travel around the state for my job, so in addition to having an amazing array of craft beer in the metro area, I get to bring craft brews from other parts of the state that you might not get to experience unless you’re hanging out in Hermiston or Roseburg.


So the menu will be different every time you stop by since each tap is curated with fun, interesting, and never-before-tasted brews. But if you’re looking for a favorite, just let us know.

But you have PBR?!

My dad always greeted family and friends with a big smile and an ice cold PBR. So this is our homage to Grandpa Bill, who supplied our family with endless stories and laughs. Look above the empty kegs and you’ll see Grandpa at his favorite place with his favorite beer.

Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 7.07.45 PM.png


We opened our doors March 6, 2020. The pandemic closed us down 10 days later. But you kept coming in, filling growlers, sitting outside in the cold, and helping us keep our doors open during uncertain times. We are so very grateful for your patronage and your friendship.



We're quite literally a family-owned and run business!

Say hello to the team!


What People Are Saying


The staff is friendly and informative. They provided me with great recommendations and samples. The variety of beer is great, but also the cider selection.

- Mathew


Great family owned and ran Tap house!!! I had the opportunity to meet and visit with the owners and they are VERY, VERY nice people. Great beer, great/creative snacks and great people.........definitely a place I will frequent.

- Tony

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