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August Beer Highlights in Beaverton

Come visit Central Station Taps before August is over and done! We've got 30 varieties of beers rotating weekly. Below we're highlighting some of our newest editions we think you'll enjoy!

If you're not sure what to try just ask one of our friendly bartenders and they'll help you choose something that suits your taste!

Wolf Tree - Bull of the Woods

Wolf Tree is brewing some truly Pacific Northwest-fresh beers in South Beach, Oregon. Their beers remind you of wandering through deep dark evergreen woods or the salty spray of the Pacific Ocean. On tap this month we have Bull of the Woods, a deliciously dark rich beer with english barleywine and malt.

Block 15 - Illuminated

A beautiful Belgium-style triple ale, usually only available March - April, but we just tapped it! Block15 is bringing the flavors of Corvallis to your tastebuds. This beer is part of their Abbey ales series and inspired by classic Belgium beers. A rich and sweet beer that finishes light!

North Jetty - Spirit Fingers IPA

North Jetty is a delightful brewery that you should definitely visit when you're in Seaview Washington or Astoria Oregon! They're family-owned, just like us, and a great place for locals and tourists alike. Spirit Fingers IPA, is a New England IPA that's fresh, hazy, and will have you raising those spirit fingers in excitement!

We hope to see you at the tap house soon! Cheers!


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