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Beaverton Taphouse Says Cheers to Mother's Day

The Best Gifts for Moms on Mother's Day

Central Station Taps is celebrating Mother's Day this year with growlers and gift cards for mom!

We have a hunch that mom doesn’t need any more candles or lotion and can't think of a better gift than a growler brimming with craft beer and a gift card to her favorite local taphouse!

We love all the moms who come into our tap house, so this Mother's Day we were part of a special giveaway with our neighbors, Brickhaus Cafe, Clover and Booch, Frenchies Beaverton, and Shop Bathena!

Make sure to give us a follow on Instagram to catch more giveaways and events like these! We hope you stop by to grab a gift for mom or even better bring your mom in for a night of beer or wine tasting.

Cheers to you, moms!


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