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Support Patricia Reser Center for the Arts!

Through the month of April, stop by Central Station Taps to support the build of Patricia Reser Center for the Arts, an art center in the heart of Beaverton!

Our family here at Central Station Taps has called Beaverton home for over 20 years. We live in this community, work in this community, and now we're excited to be able to give back to this community!

Through the month of April, when you purchase a 12 oz. glass of Integrity Brewing SupPorter, 100% of the sales from your drink will go towards the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts!

The PRCA is being built right next door to Central Station and it's one of the reasons we chose to open our tap house in this area. PRCA will be a dedicated home for art in Beaverton and the first performing arts center to be built in the Portland-Metro area in over 30 years! It will be a hub for creativity, entertainment, and community that we are looking forward to seeing grow in the coming years.

A huge thank you to Integrity Brewing for brewing this delicious Malt Porter with a blend of coffee, chocolate, and caramel. And of course, thank you to the PRCA for bringing Beaverton the gift of arts.

We hope you will stop by sometime in the month of April to show your support for the arts in Beaverton!

SupPorter by Integrity Brewing

Robust Porter

7% ABV

64 IBU

This malt porter will lift you up with a perfect blend of coffee, chocolate, and caramel notes. Roasting the malt before brewing brings out the best of the ingredients, resulting in a flavor that will make you want to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and enjoy your favorite movie.

100% of sales will go to PRCA!

The Future of the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts

Located conveniently off the Central Station Beaverton MAX line, PRCA is slated to open late 2021. PRCA believes that the arts are essential to our identity and our ability to build community, attract visitors and drive progress. They plan to engage the community through year-round arts experiences and opportunities including signature arts and culture events, public art and placemaking, resources for artists and creatives, grants and scholarships, and much more!


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