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Top Five Things to do in Beaverton

We live, work, and play in Beaverton. Suffice it to say, we absolutely love this city and it has a lot to offer! Below we're highlighting five of our favorite Beaverton activities.

5) Tualatin Hills Nature Park

The Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District has A LOT to offer for nature enthusiasts. One of our favorite parks is the Tualatin Hills Nature Park. This park offers 222-acres of wetlands, forests and streams that are habitat to insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals! You can easily connect the Beaveton MAX central line in the north corner of the park to deliver you right to Central Station Taps for a cold beer after you day outside. Heads up, this is a wildlife preserve so no dogs are allowed.

4) Fanno Creek Greenway

Another favorite park here in Beaverton is Fanno Creek Greenway. This is a great park to ride bicycles while enjoying scenic views and spotting wildlife. It's just a 30-minute ride up the greenway to visit us at Central Station Taps.

3) Beaverton Farmer's Market

Every Saturday, May through September, enjoy the Beaverton Farmer's Market! Fresh local food and artisan products guarantee that you'll get a taste of Beaverton. Beaverton has been hosting these markets since 1988 and they're definitely worth a visit!

2) Powell's Books

We all know and love Powell's Books and Beaverton has our own slice of book heaven at Cedar Hills Crossing. We love the chance to stop by Powell's, grab a book (or two) and then sit down to enjoy a glass of local brew.

1) Central Station Taps

Last, but not least, we can't complete the list without a visit to our own tap house. We might be biased, but Central Station Taps has fast become our favorite spot in Beaverton. We hope to see you soon!


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