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Wine, Ciders, Seltzer, and More in Beaverton

Your alternative guide to finding a refreshing drink in Beaverton!

We love a good beer, that's why we have 25+ of them on tap, rotating weekly! We also love our customers who are looking for something a little different which is why we also offer a variety of non-alcoholic and beer-free alternatives.

Pour a glass of Wine

We always have variety of wine on hand, including a classic Oregon Pinot Noir, rich Merlot, and buttery chardonnay. Oregon is world-famous for our amazing Willamette Valley wines, so naturally we have some ready to pour at all times! Even if you usually go for a beer, we recommend giving these local wineries a taste.

Wednesdays we also offer a special #WineDownWednesday deal at $4 a glass for any open bottle of wine.

Tap into Cider

Three to four of our lines are reserved for rotating ciders from around the Pacific Northwest. These rotate often and are usually a fun treat to try. Heavy berry notes and some alternative flavors to our normal beer selection. We make sure to offer sweet, semi-sweet, and tart ciders.

So What's all the Fizz About Seltzer

Crack open a refreshing hard seltzer from Suzie's to top off your day. These are refreshing and leave you feeling buzzed without the heaviness of a beer. We love our alcoholic ciders from Suzie's Hard Seltzer.

Check out our hard seltzer tasting event, coming up this August 2021.

Hold the Alcohol Please

If you're a fan of beer, but not so keen on the alcohol, we have one of our favorite NA beers available by the can from Athletic Brewing. Currently, we're offering two IPAs, Golden Ale, and an Extra Dark. Even without the alcohol, these beers are nothing to scoff at. They've won craft beer awards across the country and taste amazing! Their beers are also vegan, so you can feel good about yourself while taking a refreshing drink!

Relax with CBD Water

CBD Water is a recent addition to our line of products and we're so excited to have this option. We offer CBD by Prism, which is a non-alcoholic and Gluten Free alternative for anyone looking to wind down for the day.

For the Soda-Lovers and Kids

Central Station Taps is a family-friendly spot until the evenings, so we provide options for soda and juice if you want to bring your kids by for a game, but who are we kidding... sometimes a nice soda is all a person wants after a long day. We offer Root Beer, Pepsi, Sprite, and LaCroix.


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