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Central Station Taps Gives Back to Beaverton Arts

After a month-long fundraiser for the the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts, we are excited to share that together, we raised $1,000 to support art in the Beaverton community!

A huge thank you to Integrity for providing a delicious beer and to everyone who stopped by to support the cause.

We chose to support the PRCA because of their dedication to arts and entertainment as well as their proximity to Central Station (they're right across the street!) The PRCA will be the first arts center to be built in the Portland area in over 30 years! It hopes to become a hub for intercultural and educational programming with opportunities for people of all ages to create and learn through art.

It really means the world to us to be able to support the Beaverton community through delicious beer. This is just the first of many fundraisers to come!


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